Thank you for acquiring a Hermès leather item. It has been created to last by dedicated and passionate artisans. To ensure its longevity, we recommend following some usage precautions to avoid any mishaps.

Leather is an organic and sensitive material that improves with time.

At Hermès, the leather is always "full grain," meaning the upper layer remains intact and untouched. The grain guarantees the leather's durability and its ability to age well while also showcasing the natural characteristics of its texture: wrinkles, veins, and pores. Far from being imperfections, these nuances indicate the high "transparency" of the skin, a testament to its durability.

As a living material, leather evolves over time: it gains luster and becomes more supple. Depending on usage, friction, and the places where it is handled, the leather develops a patina: your Hermès item gains uniqueness and character with the passing seasons.

The metal parts define its personality. The clasps, locks, buckles, and fastenings are unique. Precision-crafted, Hermès jewelry results from bold configurations and custom-made systems and mechanisms. These high-quality pieces are made of brass, stainless steel, or aluminum and are traditionally coated with gold, palladium, or permabrass, a plating with an exceptionally thick layer that is a signature of the Maison.


Leather is sensitive to natural elements. It fears water, intense heat, direct sunlight, and excessive humidity or dryness, which can alter its appearance and color. In case of contact with water, gently wipe it with a soft cloth to prevent drying marks or blisters.


Leather dislikes excesses. Certain substances can mark it permanently: ink, lipstick, or perfume. Similarly, repeated contact with raw or dark-colored textiles may stain lighter leathers. To maintain the shape of your item, avoid overloading it with contents that are too bulky or unsuitable for its use.


To preserve its luster, your Hermès item needs rest time. When not in use, keep it dry, in a temperate environment, and protect it from light, preferably in its box or protective cover. Stuffed with cushions, tissue paper, or bubble wrap, it retains its original shape once its zips and straps are closed. The use of anti-humidity sachets is not recommended.


Polishing the patina, repairing the bag's corners, minimizing scratches, or replacing a piece of hardware... The best way to maintain your item is to regularly entrust it to Hermès artisans who will take care of it according to the rules of the art. Attempting to intervene yourself with unsuitable products could damage it. In case of doubt or questions, do not hesitate to contact Hermès after-sales service. With these care practices, your Hermès leather item will retain its original beauty and reveal its personality over time.